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I am a paralegal with over twenty years of experience. I am passionate about my family, my work, my Province and love being a compassionate voice for individuals who are going through trying times. I feel extremely blessed to be in a position where I can provide a service in a time of need.

I provide assistance with the divorce process and prepare divorce documents for a more cost-effective cost. I am also here to assist with court document preparation in the areas of family law (such as Notice to Disclose applications or child/spousal support applications) as well as standard separation and cohabitation agreements. My services also include filing the relevant documentation and assisting with service when required.

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding the other aspect of my business which is estate planning documentation. Putting a Will, Personal Directive and Enduring Power of Attorney in place does not have to be a long, complicated, and drawn out process. I am here to guide you through it all and will provide legally sound and professional documentation.

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